The Newberry Library’s Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography is pleased to announce Mapping Nature Across the Americas, a four-week NEH seminar (July 12-August 6, 2021) for schoolteachers.


The seminar directors, Dr. James Akerman (a geographer and the Newberry’s Curator of Maps) and Dr. Kathleen Brosnan (an environmental historian and the Travis Chair of Modern American History, University of Oklahoma) will lead 16 schoolteachers on a course of reading, discussion, and research. A primary feature of the seminar will be virtual workshop sessions where participants will become immersed in historical maps from the Newberry’s extensive and renowned collection. These hands-on experiences will allow participants to explore more fully how maps reveal the complex, contradictory, and contested ways in which humans conceived their place in nature through history.

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